Science Fiction Short Story Competition

Year: 2017

Category: Literature

Transnational Arts Production seeks original unpublished science fiction submissions for its international Science Fiction short story competition on the theme of 

«All borders are temporary»

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Year: 2017

Category: Literature

Borders have always been a central political problem. Discussions of national and territorial boundaries, ethnic geo-rootedness, many kinds of -exits, mark our news feeds. Digital border crossings challenge and hack into political manipulations as well as offer new possibilities of techno-cosmopolitanism and even of new possibilities in egalitarian social identity. Geopolitical borders often overlap with other kinds of borders such as socioeconomic borders, racial borders, and borders framing sexual identity. 

The theme is dedicated to thresholds and borders, as well as new frontiers and new beginnings. In his essay «The race for space» Duke Ellington states that a society using its power to suppress its minorities never will achieve greatness. Our future is at stake, and we must explore possibilities in alternative futures, where borders can be and are transgressed. 

Our aim in this competition is to promote the movement of science fiction works that, as a concept and as an artefact of the social, offer new possibilities in border crossings. 

We would especially welcome work from authors from regions which, while making a mark especially in recent years in literary avenues, continue to be numerically under-represented in the global science fiction space. Such regions would include for instance the Nordic region, the Arab world, Africa, South Asia, East and Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and Central and South America. The competition is however border free, and is open to all internationally.

Entries need to be previously unpublished and not under consideration elsewhere. Stories need to range from 3000-3500 words, and should preferably be in English. Stories in other languages are equally welcome but they must be accompanied by an English translation. Story and cover letter must be submitted electronically in doc or rtf format. Only one entry per person is allowed.
Up to seven stories will be selected and competition winners will be published in a special themed volume (ISBN registered) in Spring 2018 and will be given a one-time award of NOK6000/~US$700. The deadline for entries is 1st September 2017.

Entries can be sent to the editor, Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay at 

The jury has made its verdict! 9 winners from 9 countries have been selected as winners of the All Borders are Temporary competition. 

Gabriela Lee (Phillipines) The Forgetting plague
Isa Prospero (Brazil) The artist of enclosure 601A
Martine Helene Svanevik (Norway) Red lights across the ocean
Matthew Daniels (Canada) Where with all
Max Knight (Australia / Vietnam) Speechless
Oluwole Talabi (Nigeria / Malaysia) When we dream we are our god
Susana Barrambana (Portugal) The middlemen
Toby Bennett (South Africa) Behind the wall
Ximena Miranda Garnier (Costa Rica) Caterpillars

We congratulate all the winners and we look forward to showcasing their work for our 2018 spring programme. We also wish to thank all those who entered the competition, with a large number of excellent contributions making this selection process both very satisfactory but also a challenge.

Year: 2017
Category: Literature